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Preventing and managing pollution from urban water runoff

Through the design of data-driven hybrid nature based solutions

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Enhancing water quality in urban areas

Climate change is causing unexpected effects on our surroundings. It is making some places get more rain at unusual times, and these places are unprepared to receive so much rain. This leads to overworked and inefficient wastewater systems, allowing potential harmful pollutants and contaminants to infiltrate the surrounding environment.

The overall goal of D4RUNOFF is to create a novel framework for preventing and managing the pollution from this stormwater.

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To effectively tackle today’s climate challenges and improve water quality and public health, D4RUNOFF will design, develop and validate a new approach and technologies.

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Novel detection methods for runoff pollutants characterisation
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Novel sensors for identifying and monitoring of CECs
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Multi-criteria methodology for the design ofcost-effective mitigation hybrid solutions
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AI-assisted management platform to support water management stakeholders
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Case study sites

The methods and tools developed in D4RUNOFF (novel measurements methods, online sensors, risk mapping, etc.) will be implemented, tested and validated in 3 demonstration sites covering climate climate conditions.

Replicability of the results will be assessed in 5 sites: Pisa Sud (Italy), Algeciras (Spain), Ostrava (Czech Republic), Gdansk (Poland) and El Cairo (Egypt).

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