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November Recap: A Glimpse into the month’s highlights 

What did November hold for us? Throughout this month, D4runoff partners engaged in various events, seizing opportunities to introduce D4runoff to diverse audiences.

Let’s delve into the happenings.

Kicking off the month, our presence at the SOILite conference

On November 9th, our partner from the University of Copenhagen, Thomas Malte Molnár Karlsson, took part in the SOILite conference. This event focuses on aiding consultants, landowners, property developers, and infrastructure partners in advancing towards the SDGs, particularly SDG6, while revitalizing their estates by tackling water and land pollution.

During this year’s event, D4runoff made its mark as Thomas Malte actively engaged in the afternoon session, titled “PFAS Panel Discussion,” addressing the challenges posed by PFAS for environmental monitoring and regulation.

His insightful presentation delved into chemical fingerprinting workflows, offering a comprehensive analysis of both identified and unidentified pollutants found in urban runoff and other environmental samples.

After the end of the presentation, there was very interesting discussion about how to integrate chemical fingerprinting in a regulatory context.

Shifting gears to the Water4all Workshop

 Water4All, a partnership consortium supported by the European Union, involves ITG, a D4runoff partner, among 78 other entities from 31 countries. Their common objective is to ensure sustainable water security for all, fostering transformative changes in the water sector’s value chain.

Delving into the challenges linked with Decision Support Systems in urban environments, issues like interoperability and the absence of metadata definition standards took centre stage. These concerns were thoughtfully discussed at the data sharing and digitalisation workshop orchestrated by Water4All in Paris.

During this workshop, Dr. Juan Luis Sobreira Seoane, ITG’s Business Development Manager and Ph.D., provided pragmatic insights into advancing the European water sector’s digital transformation. He highlighted the outcomes of specific initiatives, such as D4RUNOFF and LIFE RESEAU, shedding light on practical measures to foster digitalisation within the sector.

The University of Cantabria’s Inaugural R&D&I Meeting on Circular Economy

The first-ever gathering, hosted by the MARE Chair of Circular Economy on Wednesday, November 22, set out to establish itself as a collaborative platform uniting the public sector, private enterprises, and the University of Cantabria.

This inaugural event showcased various R&D&I groups actively engaged in Circular Economy initiatives. Eleven groups took the stage, presenting their objectives, past experiences, and future aspirations within the Circular Economy domain. Among these distinguished projects, D4runoff was featured, presenting its significant contribution during this insightful event.

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